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Barcode Printing / Overprinting on holographic sticker with black number incorporates on the hologram sticker to add custom design data onto holograms and enhance hologram security and goods tracing.

E. Barcode Printing / Overprinting on holographic sticker. We make hologram sticker in spoon roll format which holographic stickers has same gap between each other.

There're photoes of holographic sticker with barcode, serial number, logo, text which is printed by simple label / barcode printer such as Fargo, Zabra, SATO,INTERMEC printer, is widely used in office.

A. More Transparent Laser Etched Serial number   B. Transparent Dual/Triple Serial number / Logo  C. Black Sequential number  D. Black Dual Serial number   E. Custom Design Barcode / Logo / Number Printing onto hologram Page 1    Page 2    Page 3   Page 4

Your logo and serial number is printed on holographic sticker.


Holographic sticker with barcode. Beehive Tamper Proof. Click to see Generic Stock Design Holographic Sticker


Holographic sticker with barcode. Beehive Tamper Proof.


Tamper evident holographic sticker

Holographic sticker with overprinting, Sequential number.


Honeycomb tamper evident hologaphic sticker leaves beehive shape residue on paper when sticker is peeled off.


Beehive/Honeycomb tamper evident hologaphic sticker leaves beehive shape residue on paper when sticker is peeled off


Barcode and serial number helps to goods applied with hologram sticker to be traced by barcode scanner.


Old Stock General Design Hologram Sticker   Sticker in roll format and application machine  New Items    New General Design Hologram Sticker     New Big Master Origination  Enhanced Security Feature  Hologram Sticker With Sequential Numbers    'VOID', 'ORIGINAL' Pattern Released Hologram    Overprinting Released Hologram      Two Kind of Hidden Text(image) in Hologram    General Design Stock Holographic Label No.1-No.30   Stock Holographic Label No.31-No.60    Stock Holographic Label No.61-No.90   

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