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QR Code, Barcode Security Hologram

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We print 2-dimensional barcode, QR code onto holographic white area which is easily to be read by equipment. This hologram label is developed for QR code print only.

QR(Quick Response)code: Once you have a QR reader app on your smartphone, you can point your camera phone at these codes and immediately grab useful information.

This hologram sticker is tamper proof. It can be ORIGINAL, VOID, Honeycomb and normal tamper evident. The hologram sticker will leave ORIGINAL, VOID, Honeycomb and random shape residue when removed.

No links to remember, no notes, just point your phone at the QR code and the real world becomes clickable. 

Phone Semacode, two-dimension code, 2-D barcodes

ORIGINAL tamper evident holographic label with black barcode.

Imagine visiting a landmark and using a QR code to watch a video about it, or scanning a QR code in a newspaper or magazine to email a link to a friend, or scanning one to follow your local bakery on Twitter.

We make hologram sticker in spoon roll format which holographic stickers has same gap between each other. So any customer can print customized design barcode / serial number / logo / text onto our hologram sticker roll by any label / barcoe printer by ribbon, such as printer as Fargo, Zabra, SATO,INTERMEC printer, is widely used in office.

More Transparent Laser Etched Serial number   B. Transparent Dual/Triple Serial number / Logo  C. Black Sequential number  D. Black Dual Serial number   E. Custom Design Barcode / Logo / Number Printing onto hologram Page 1    Page 2    Page 3   Page 4  F:  2-dimensional barcode, QR code


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